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Secuwatcher for CAMS Asset Management

We provide differentiated services with our high-quality image security and privacy protection solutions.

What is SecuWatcher for CAMS?
This is a software that supports integrated asset management including attendance management of control personnel, equipment management, equipment inspection log management, and equipment failure management in a dedicated GIS-based web environment.
Control Personnel Management
Control Personnel Management
  • SecuWatcher for CAMS allows administrators to manage control personnel conveniently.
CCTV Equipment Management
CCTV Equipment Management
  • Allows registration and management of equipment being managed
Equipment Inspection Log Management
Equipment Inspection Log Management
  • Allows management of equipment inspection logs.
Equipment Failure Management
Equipment Failure Management
  • Allows checks of the operating status of equipment being managed.

System Configuration Diagram

SecuWatcher for CAMS is configured as a stand-alone server. This system allows administrators to manage control personnel conveniently.
SecuWatcher for CAMS 시스템구성도

Information on Third Party Unit Price Agreements

Classification Item types written in Korean Item classification number Item identification number Procurement price
ClassificationSecurity software Item types written in KoreanCommunication software, Wookyoung Information Technology, Secuwatcher for CAMS ver 1.0, Attendance Management and CCTV Asset Management Item classification number43232902 Item identification number23800152 Procurement price25 Million KRW
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