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AIO-NVR for Image Export with Integral Masking

We provide differentiated services with our high-quality image security and privacy protection solutions.

What is AIO-NVR for Image Export with Integral Masking?
It provides complete security of personal privacy in CCTV image data (personal image); proactively prevents secondary damage caused by leakage by encrypting during storage at the time of exporting image data; fully prevents illegal distribution, forgery, and reproduction of image data at the time of browsing and exporting.
Stable Image Control and Image Export
Stable Image Control and Image Export
  • Accepts all functions of our NVRs
  • Diverse product lines of 16, 32 and 64CH, and customizable products with 100CH or more
  • Stand-alone System Configuration: Storage/Distribution + Management + Control + Image Export
Image Forgery Prevention
Image Forgery Prevention
  • Supports image and text watermarks
  • Applied robust zero watermarking techniques against image attacks (compression, forgery, etc.)
  • Path tracking in the event of an image leakage
Personal Privacy Protection
Personal Privacy Protection
  • Masking function for protecting personal privacy based on the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Image playback only available after typing in user password
  • Provides functions for limiting the number and period of playbacks by applying DRM

Operation Flow

CCTV images can be controlled and exported from one NVR device.
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