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[WKIT News] Karlsruhe Delegation visit WooKyoung Information Technology
Suseong-gu Office (Daegu, Korea) and a delegation from Karlsruhe (Germany) visit WKIT   * Purpose - Promoting exchanges and cooperation in various fields between Karlsruhe City and Suseong-gu (Daegu City) - Exploring representative companies of Suseong-Alpha-City   * Date - 3rd November 2022 (Thursday) 10:00 ~ 11:00    * Venue - Main conference hall, 3rd floor at the WooKyoung Information Technology head office   * Attendee - Dr. Albert Käuflein, Deputy Mayor of Karlsruhe City and 3 other members of Karlsruhe City Council - Dae-kwon Kim, Mayor of Suseong-gu, and 10 officials from Suseong-gu Office - Kwang-hwee Kim, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Sales Division, and 2 others from WKIT - Jin-hyun Seol, CEO of Sejoong IS    
[WKIT News] Malaysian Government Delegation visit WooKyoung Information Technology
19 Malaysia Delegates including MIDA Headquarters and the local government of Perak State etc. visit to WKIT   * Purpose - Establishment of an action plan for the improvement of industrial complexes in Malaysia - Benchmarking and feasibility study of industrial complexes in Korea - Improvement of knowledge on infrastructure in industrial complexes in Korea   * Date - 27th July 2022 (Wednesday) 14:00 ~ 15:30   * Venue - Main conference hall, 3rd floor at the WooKyoung Information Technology head office   * Attendee - Ms. Zabidah Daud from MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) and 8 others - Mr. Kumaresan from Perak State EPU (Prime Minister's Department Economic Planning Unit) and 1 others - Ms. Norni Sukriyati binti Musthar from KTPC (Kulim Technology Park Corporation) and 5 others - Mr. Chin Chew Fan from MRCB (Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad) and 1 others - Mr. Hong Taefa (Vice President), Mr. Simpson Kim (Deputy General Manager), Ms. Susie Hwang (Assistant Manager) from WKIT and 3 others        




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